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If you can dream it, you can make it happen.

Virtual Mentoring

Are you thinking about starting your own career? Have you asked yourself "How do I get to where I want to be?" Whether you have questions about school, career, or living with a disability our mentors are here to help you navigate your path. Check out our Meet the Mentors page and request a mentor today!


Two young women sitting on a bench facing each other and communicating in sign language

Dream Career Photo Booth

This dress-up photo booth activity is for students of all ages. We provide a variety of career-based costumes and props for people to try on. Each person goes home with a complimentary Polaroid photo of themselves dressed in their future career outfit.

A man posing as a photograper, a woman dressed as a public speaker and a girl dressed as a veterinarian posing for a photo.

Career Day Field Trips

What is it like to be a veterinarian? Is being a video game developer as fun as it sounds? Think you might want to be a lawyer some day? If you are 10 years or older, sign-up for our half-day field trips and meet people working in these jobs. Let us know which careers you'd like to explore!
*Minors must have adults accompanying them.

A woman and a man looking at a computer screen with graphics featured
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