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Our Story

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization empowering individuals with disabilities through personalized career mentorship, career exploration, and skills development. Our vision is to create an inclusive society where people with all types of disabilities thrive in their chosen careers. 

When Hoa developed paraplegia, we knew no one with that type of disability. One day he saw a man in a wheelchair pumping his own gas for his car. It was just a routine task for this person, but it was a pivotal moment for Hoa. In that instant, he realized "Wow! That's something I can do for myself." It was similar to a moment captured in a viral photo where a little girl using a wheelchair stared in awe at a life-size photo of an Ulta model in a wheelchair.

She could see herself up there.


We need to see more role models who have disabilities. Our Mentors are people whom we greatly admire, and they are volunteering their time to help you reach your full potential. Sign up to be a Mentee through our Contact page. Get matched with a Mentor and ask them how they did it. What gave them the courage to forge their own path? How did they persevere when they heard "no" over and over again?


Reach Career Mentoring is a volunteer organization. There is no charge for our services or programs. We are a public charity and program costs are funded by individual donations. 


A young girl in a wheelchair staring up at a poster of a model also using a wheelchair

Photo Credit: Carolyn Anderson

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