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Get Involved

Volunteer Your Time

We need volunteers of all abilities to help us with photo booth events, skills workshops, and career day field trips. If you would like to host a student tour of your work site and increase career awareness about what you do, please contact us! 

If you are a person with a disability and you would like to become a mentor, please email us at


Pictured: a group of our volunteers at the Dream Career Photobooth. 

RCM's photo booth table

Our Grand Debut

We had the best time at our first ever Dream Career Photo Booth. Everyone had fun dressing up in their future careers. Kids took home complimentary Polaroid photos of themselves so that they could see themselves as they could be.

Pictured: A young boy wearing a red cape, a crown, and singing into a microphone. His mother is kneeling at the side with both her hands raised in the air. There is a play button which starts a video showcasing other people dressed in their chosen careers.

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